Dare to Love

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Sassy fashion buyer Lexie Thompson has had a series of no-strings relationships, which suits her just fine. That’s until her best pal Nia suggests a blind date with her fiancé’s best friend: charismatic William Kennedy, owner of the hot nightclub Millennium. Sparks certainly fly, when they meet…but they burn a bit too hot – Lexie thinks sexy, confident Will is arrogant, while he’s convinced she’s gorgeous, but shallow. When Lexie’s put in charge of her company’s fashion show and needs a venue, Will offers Millennium. Lexie reluctantly agrees, but as they work together, she realizes she misjudged him. Can Will convince the love ’em and leave ’em Lexie that they’ve got what it takes to last a lifetime?


Will sensed Lexie the moment he heard the clicking of her heels against the hardwood floor or smelled the exotic scent of gardenia perfume, but he refused to be the first to speak. Miss High and Mighty had obviously come for a reason and he would let her stew in it.

He appeared to be very deep in paperwork, but Lexie would not be deterred. When Will didn’t look up, Lexie coughed loudly to clear her throat. “Ahem. Excuse me.

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