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Can he be her everything?

As the beautiful public face of her family’s legendary cosmetics empire, Courtney Adams lives a life of privilege and glamour. But her hectic schedule leaves no time for pleasure. Until her latest commercial shoot takes her to the Dominican Republic, where she meets a sexy, soul-stirring stranger…

when he’s not the man she thinks he is?

Alone together in their exotic idyll, Jasper Jackson can’t get enough of the stunning Atlanta heiress. And when a family emergency sends her rushing home, he knows he can’t let her go. But what happens when Courtney discovers that her island lover is really one of Atlanta’s most powerful developers–and the son of her family’s longstanding enemy? With sabotage looming, will it be the end of two towering dynasties…or a new beginning for a man and a woman who have become everything to each other?



As he stopped his truck on the opposite side of the road, he got a nice view of well shaped behind. He was admiring the view, when the beauty gazed up at him. With her hand shielding her face from the sun, she yelled. “If you’re done staring at my butt, would you care to lend me a hand?”

Jasper smiled broadly as he jumped out of the vehicle. A woman with attitude! He liked her already. “My, my,” he said as he crossed the road, “Someone is sure testy.”

“You would be too, if you’d been standing out in this blistering heat for an-hour. I have delicate skin.”

“I bet,” Jasper chuckled. He was unprepared for the sight that greeted him once he was up-close-and-personal. The woman was pretty tall in what had to be four-inch heels, but that wasn’t all. She wasn’t just beautiful, she was breathtaking. She had creamy latte colored skin that complemented her sleek sophisticated bob with honey-blonde highlights. And well, her green eyes were nothing short of arresting! They stopped him dead in his tracks.

Courtney sighed wearily. She was used to men’s reaction towards her looks, but there was something about this one that was a little bit different from the other men she’d encountered. There was something strong about him and his dark chocolate skin that appealed to her on a physical level. She guessed he must be six-foot-two, maybe three and despite his less than desirable attire of ripped jeans and a t-shirt, he smelled all man.


FORMULA FOR PASSION (4) by Yahrah St. John: Courtney Adams, young heiress to a family cosmetics company, is intent on proving herself to be more than a pretty face. On a business trip to the Dominican Republic, she meets and falls for Jasper Jackson, who is posing as a construction worker. When she discovers his true identity, the son of a man who has tormented Courtney’s family for years, Courtney must decide whether to listen to her family or to her heart. St. John skillfully wraps up her Adams Cosmetic trilogy and finds a creative way to bring finality to both the central love story and a secondary storyline centered around defeating an antagonistic character.

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