His Marriage Demand

//His Marriage Demand
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He’s waited patiently for payback.

It arrives on his wedding day.

Gage Campbell has Fallon Stewart right where he wants her. Ever since his mother was fired for Fallon’s teen antics, Gage has held a grudge. Now the roles are reversed. Gage got rich, and Fallon is desperate to save her family’s company. He’ll gladly step up. But Fallon must become his bride. The danger? Losing himself in the woman…and forgetting the revenge!

His Marriage Demand

Hello to you, too, Fallon.” Gage closed the doorbehind him and strode toward her desk.

Fallon regarded him from where she sat. Her blood pumped faster as she took in the sight of him. Time had been very good to Gage Campbell. Immaculate and imposingly masculine, he was utterly breathtaking. With his neatly cropped hair, warm caramel-toned skin, thick, juicy lips, bushy eyebrows and those brandy-colored eyes framed by black lashes that always drew her to them, he was impossible to ignore.

He was even sexier than the last time she’d seen him especially with those broodingly intense eyes. He reeked of money and looked as if he was born to wear the bespoke three-piece designer suit, cream shirt with striped tie and polished designer shoes. Fallon knew he hadn’t always been this way. The Gage of yesteryear was happier in faded jeans and a wife-beater mucking out stables. The man in front of her was far removed from those days. He stood confident and self-assured….Read More

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