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Rivals in business. Partners in love?

As the creative genius behind Georgia’s most fabled cosmetics dynasty, Shane Adams has a legacy to live up to. The freewheeling Atlanta bachelor also knows how to romance a woman, wining and dining the city’s most eligible beauties. Only Gabrielle Burton seems immune to his legendary charms. Yet Shane has never been able to forget his stunning rival, whose sweet desire is like a lingering perfume.…

The hunky Adams Cosmetics VP has always held Gabby spellbound. But the workaholic perfumer never thought she could attract the sexy playboy’s attention. Until she undergoes a major makeover. Suddenly she’s on everyone’s A-list…including Shane’s. As intrigue swirls around the company, is the sensual scent of passion leading Gabby and Shane to love?

“Why did you come here tonight?” Shane asked.

“Courtney invited me.”

Shane shook his head. “That’s not the only reason you’re here.”

“What other reason would there be?”

“Why don’t you just admit that you came here for me?” Shane stared at her. He watched the rapid rise and fall of her breasts from the strapless dress she wore and knew it to be true. Gabrielle had come here tonight to seduce him with her new look and she’d succeeded. He desired her. But would she chicken out from what she’d started?

“Is there no end to your arrogance?” Gabrielle asked, a little too unsteadily for her liking given the way Shane was looking at her like she was dessert.

“No, which is why I know you’re going to enjoy this,” Shane said and circled his arm around her waist seconds before his lips descended on hers. The hunger behind his kiss caused her to respond in kind and when his lips moved more firmly over hers seeking entry into her mouth, she parted them giving him complete access to anything and everything he wanted. Shane was slow at first, grazing and tasting before touching his tongue with hers, but when he did it was like a missile shot right through to her core.

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