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Dynamic advertising executive Nia Taylor is a tiger in the boardroom but an ice-queen when it comes to relationships. But when she meets handsome, sexy banker Damon Bradley at her company Christmas party, she’s instantly smitten. Damon pulls out all the stops to win Nia’s heart including hiring her advertising firm. Soon the two embark on an old-fashioned love affair – until Damon’s ex-fianceè enters the picture. Kendall is desperate for another chance, but Nia’s the only woman for Damon. After a series of misunderstandings helped along by Kendall and his meddling family, Nia ends their relationship. By the time she realizes Damon truly is the one for her, will it be too late?

He was absolutely stunning. Looking like a Black Adonis molded from clay by Zeus himself. With strong African features, a proud nose, chiseled cheekbones and sensuously thick lips, the man exuded a powerful dose of sexuality that could send any woman into overdrive. His dark blue three-piece Italian suit with navy and white striped silk tie suited his massive chest and shoulders to perfection.

He was by far the most attractive man in the room and apparently, she wasn’t the only one doing all the admiring. She caught the handsome stranger with the sexy bedroom eyes checking her out too. She wanted to look away, but his gaze held her steadfast. She could hear her heart thumping loudly in her chest. Felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand straight up. Taking a deep breath, Nia willed herself to calm down. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so drawn to a man.

Finally, she looked away; embarrassed at the attention he bestowed upon her. This was all Lexie’s fault, she thought. Nia had made the big mistake of allowing her best friend to talk her into wearing a cocktail dress Nia’d bought during one of their infamous shopping sprees earlier that season. “If you got it, flaunt it,” Lexie had said.

Although the deep burgundy color of Nia’s dress was perfect for a Christmas party, the velvet material of the low V-neck garment overly emphasized her already large breasts and the short skirt accentuated her wide and curvaceous hips. She felt like she was on display for men to ogle. And this one was definitely ogling, she thought, sneaking another glance at her handsome admirer.

At twenty-seven, she knew the look he was giving her. It was the one that most men gave when they were imagining a woman without any clothes on. Trying to ignore him, Nia turned her focus back to her best friend, who was standing right beside her. “Thanks for coming with me, Lexie. I really didn’t want to come to this party alone.”

“Not a problem, that’s what girlfriends are for,” Lexie quipped, “to be your date, when you can’t find a man.”

“Thanks,” Nia replied sarcastically, laughing at her silly friend. She’d practically begged her Lexie to accompany her to the Dean, Martin & Whitmore Christmas party after Chloe, her boss had told her it would be a great opportunity to break bread with the higher-ups. Nia had agreed to go to the celebration, but only after Lexie promised to accompany her.

The weather for early December was mild, until earlier that night when light snow began to fall after rush hour, causing traffic to move sluggishly as Nia and Lexie drove to the Whitmore’s home. The roads were slick and Nia had had to brake suddenly several times causing her tires to grind in protest. After they reached the exclusive neighborhood, finding her boss’s estate through the mist of the snow had been easy, due to the multitude of cars lining their driveway.

The butler immediately greeted them and relieved them of their coats at the door. He ushered them into the living room where a large overly decorated Christmas tree stood center stage. The Whitmore’s spared no expense for the party; the place was lavishly decorated with holiday cheer, and the family’s finest crystal and china were on display.

Nia’s colleagues and various higher-ups were decked out in their holiday best. The women wore the latest in cocktail fashion and the men sported tuxes. Nia immediately wished she was home curled up under a blanket with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa, instead of being forced to compete for her boss’ s attention with all the other hopefuls.

“Ya know,” Lexie continued, “you could find one if you wanted one.” Nia raised a brow in confusion. “A man,” she clarified. “That is, if you wanted one. It’s what I’ve been telling you for years. You just have to loosen up some.”

“Does Spencer Morgan ring a bell?” Nia asked, referencing an old boyfriend.

“Of course, but all men aren’t dogs like Spencer. Some are faithful. Take my new beau Michael; I’ve got that man’s nose wide open.”

“You are a trip, girl,” Nia said, laughing. “Hey, do I look all right in this dress? I feel like my chest is hanging out for the entire world to see.”

“It is.” Lexie smacked Nia’s hand away from adjusting her bosom. “And you want them to see some of it. Matter of fact, it looks like you have a secret admirer.” She nodded her head at the handsome stranger who walked directly towards them. “In fact, I’ll make my self scarce. I’m going to grab us some champagne and a few of those delicious shrimp puffs the waiter is circulating,” she said, walking away to catch him.

“Lexie, wait!”

It was too late. She tried to think of fast getaway before the sexy stranger reached her. Nia caught sight of Chloe out of the corner of her eye and figured now was a good time as any to start schmoozing. She began her escape, but wasn’t fast enough. Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome had blocked her path.


Damon had been listening to his father and Mr. Whitmore discussing their favorite topic – who was the better golfer -when he spotted her. She appeared to be very young in age. Twenty-five. Perhaps twenty-six. She was about five-five, maybe shorter, with bright eyes, a gorgeous smile and one of the most voluptuous bodies he’d seen in a long while. He usually fancied his women more on the slender side, but he very much liked the way her form-fitting dress hugged every delicious curve. Her full and inviting breasts complemented her round derriere, and all screamed to be touched- by him, he thought.. He could picture her luscious body writhing underneath him.

Damon felt his heart race with anticipation and his manhood harden with longing. It was strange, he’d never had such an instant attraction to a woman he hadn’t even met before. Yet, he knew he was going to meet her tonight.

He excused himself and moved quickly across the room.


Wow is he tall, thought Nia, looking up at the mysterious six-foot stranger standing before her. Even in three-inch heels, her head barely reached his shoulders. She drank him in, from his tiger eyes with thick ebony lashes to his glistening baldhead. The man oozed masculinity and sexuality.

“Hello there,” he said, smiling down at her.

His naturally deep voice swirled around her like a tornado. Nia stared blankly for several seconds. She couldn’t believe he was speaking to her. Guys like this seldom looked her way. But, he was just so yummy!

“Do you like what you see?” Damon queried. He’d been appreciating Nia as well and was happy to have a closer look at this siren. Her short layered mane of auburn curls surrounded her pixie face, complementing her big, brown eyes. She had skin the color of honey and her light makeup covered skin he was sure was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Everything about her was beautiful, but it was her lips that beckoned him. Damon wanted to feast on them until his craving for her was completely satisfied.

“Do you always look at ladies like you’re ready to eat them up with a spoon?” Nia asked interrupting his thoughts.

Damon grinned, showing off an amazing set of perfect white teeth. Nia’s heart thumped wildly and her pulse raced. “Not usually, but then again –” Damon stopped himself before he said something trite.

“Then again, what?” Nia asked, flirting playfully.

“I apologize,” Damon said, extending his hand. “Allow me to introduce myself.” He clasped Nia’s hand into a firm handshake. “I’m Damon Bradley, and you are?” Her satiny skin felt soft to his touch just as he’d imagined.

“Nia Taylor,” she replied, removing her hand from his solid grasp. In spite of herself, she couldn’t stop her body from reacting to his appreciative male gaze.

“Champagne?” asked a nearby waiter, bring Nia out of her daydream. Caught in Damon’s spell, Nia had forgotten where she was.

“Yes, please,” she replied, taking a crystal flute of chilled champagne form his tray and drinking a long gulp. It was quite dry and went straight to her head, causing to cough slightly. Nia preferred the more fruity sorts of wines on the market.

“Good, huh?” Damon smiled as he watched Nia lick a remaining drop of champagne from her upper lip. She couldn’t possibly know how erotic that tiny action was. He swallowed, taking a deep breath.

“Mmmm-hmmm,” Nia lied, placing the remainder of her drink on a nearby cocktail table.

“So, Nia,” Damon began. “Might I be so bold as to ask for your telephone number so that you might accompany me to dinner one evening?”

Nia’s body wanted to accept the offer, but her mind had other plans. From the way Damon was looking at her, she knew what his intention sere and she wanted no part of his mischief. “ Sorry, Mr. Bradley, but I’m not interested in GQ smooth guys such as yourself,” she replied firmly. . “But thanks anyway.”

She turned on her heel to walk away, but Damon reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling her back towards him. The hungry look in his eyes caused her to give in and let herself be drawn back to him.

Damon sensed several inquisitive eyes, including his father’s, burning a hole in his back. He disregarded them and focused on the feisty woman standing in front of him. “Are you always this blunt?” he asked.

Nia looked at the hand Damon still had on her arm. He removed it and looked into her brown eyes, thinking touch cookie.

“I am. I find that honesty is always the best policy in these kinds of situations, Mr. Bradley,” she said with assurance.

“Your candor is refreshing. And please call me, Damon.”

“No need, as we will have no further acquaintance, but have a good evening.” With that, Nia turned again and marched into the crowd before Damon could stop her.



“One of the most magical moments in the aptly titled One Magic Moment is watching Nia and Damon wrestle with their personal demons. Their turbulent start sets the course for this novel and makes for interesting reading. Realistic concerns, such as Nia’s doubt about her beauty and her nervousness around Damon’s wealthy social circle, add charm and make Nia and Damon pleasant characters to get acquainted with. St. John has done a fantastic job with her debut release.”


“Yahrah St. John has written a delightful love story with a message. She has shown that couples must deal with their past in order to have a future. These are wonderful characters you are immediately empathetic to and who have great chemistry that emulates from the sultry love scenes. One Magic Moment is a very sweet love story that lovers of romance will enjoy.”


One Magic Moment by Yahrah St. John is an excellent debut novel. She cleverly tells the tale of two unforgettable characters Nia Taylor and Damon Bradley. . . Ms. St. John’s takes the romance formula and adds her own spin by creating realistic characters. One Magic Moment has several subplots which not only makes the story entertaining, but fast-paced as well.


One Magic Moment is a richly-detailed, clever, and warm story. The superb writing reveals Yahrah St. John to be one of the most talented new authors on the literary scene today. It appears that with her writing, she has one purpose – to touch the hearts of others by creating vibrant, passionate characters and a riveting storyline. St. John hits her mark effortlessly….Reader, select this book; I assure you – the magic will last longer than a moment. You’ll still be smiling even after the final page is turned.”


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