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Miami After Hours

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She’s got sky-high ambitions to match the glamorous penthouses she shows, but real estate agent Angela Trainor keeps both feet firmly on the ground. Her attraction to her sexy boss Daniel Cobb needs to remain at bay, or it could derail her promising career. But when Daniel takes Angela under his wing, introducing her to clients at glamorous society events, mutual admiration becomes a sizzling physical connection.

Daniel has turned his starter company into Miami’s most premier agency. In the process, he’s earned his place among the Millionaire Moguls—an elite and exclusive organization dedicated to paying success forward. He’s known for showering women with lavish gifts, attention…everything except commitment. Now the lovely Angela has discovered the pain in his past and is daring him to open up. But will it be in enough time to convince her that he wants so much more than just an unforgettable fling?

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