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A desire to see positive images of black men and women loving and being loved without all the violence reflected in some of today’s media.
I am very methodical when it comes to my writing. I start out with an idea. Then I work my way to a character sketch, where I create each character’s identity: looks, career, family and love life. I’ll even cut out photos of models or celebs from magazines so that I have a visual. Using what I’ve learned from step 2, I create my chapter outline, which lays out what will happen in each chapter. Once I’ve fine tuned the outline, I whip out my three-page synopsis. I can write any time day. Since I work full-time, during the week, I write in the evening and on weekends during the day and usually in my office.
They always say write what you know, so initially, I started out with the heroine. My original intention was to base her upon myself by giving her similar characteristics, but then as I began fleshing out the character; Nia Taylor took on a vibrant life of her own irrespective of me with strengths and flaws that any reader can relate to.
The most rewarding part of being a published author is getting to interact with my readers. When I get an email from a reader telling me how much the love the book, I respond immediately. I especially love meeting readers in person because I get to sign autographs and take pictures with them, its real treat. Just this February, I met a fan who’d read all my books and traveled over an hour just to come meet me. I feel truly blessed to do what I love and have readers appreciate it.
I have always wanted to write romance because that’s what I read growing up. I started reading Sweet Valley high type books then progressed to Harlequin books and Danielle Steele. As a teenager, I began writing teenage love stories and progressed from to full-length books.
I can’t say enough about the importance of conferences. You never know what can happen or who you’re going to meet. You can meet an editor or agent at the coffee bar or having a cocktail before dinner and get to pitch your book or just ask for advice. It also allows you to meet other aspiring writers who can encourage and support you. And as a seasoned author, you can learn tips and techniques to make you an even better writer or hold a workshop to give aspiring authors words of wisdom.
My advice to aspiring writers would be to learn the business of publishing. Learn about agents, contracts, publicity, promotion and your rights as author. It will save you much drama and headaches in the future. Continue to write. You will never finish that novel sitting on the couch watching television and wondering what if.
When I’m not chained to my computer typing the next great romance, I enjoy cooking (love the Food Network), adventure sports (parasailing, rock climbing, white water rafting to name a few), travel (I’ve traveled to the top cities, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans, London, Paris, Rome) – some locations which you shall see in upcoming novels.
I enjoy reading mainstream fiction with all the intrigue and suspense. Some of my favorite mainstream authors are Kimberla Lawson Roby, Eric Jerome Dickey and Carl Weber, but my true passion remains romance.  I enjoy dynamic authors such as New York Times best-selling author’s Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts and fellow Kimani Authors: Brenda Jackson, Kayla Perrin, Adrianna Byrd and Maureen Smith.
I would like to change the image that the romances are all bodice-rippers and fluff. As authors we pride ourselves on not just the sex aspect, but the love story between a man and a woman. There are also wonderful subplots such as the child abuse story I tell in This Time For Real. The romance genre is one of the few genres that is thriving in these tough economic times. Why? Because there are so many layers to romance: romantic suspense, romantic comedy, paranormal and erotica. Readers shouldn’t be afraid to pick up a romance; they may be surprised at what they might find.
I am working on a three-book romance trilogy chronicling the Adams Family Dynasty which will begin with NEED YOU NOW (part of the KIMANI HOTTIES promotion) on December 1, 2011. The first book in the Trilogy will focus on one of three siblings: Kayla Adams and her struggle to maintain the family business Adams Cosmetics from corporate raider Ethan Graham. Book #2 will feature brother Shane Adams and debut SPRING 2012. The final book in the trilogy, Book #3 with Courtney Adams will debut FALL 2012.