August Newsletter

The end of summer is approaching as kids go back to school, but I'm just ramping up. My social media program thanks to my little sister is in full swing and I've seen my fan base grow exponentially most notably on Facebook, but on other pages as well. Great job Kim! I'm actually remembering to [...]

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July Newsletter

July has really flown by. The month started with a trip to my hometown of Chicago to see family and catch up with old friends. It always rejuvenates my mind, body and spirit. While in Chicago, my sister Kim gave me a reality check that I had to get with the social media program and [...]

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June 2014 Newsletter

  You’re all probably wondering where I’ve been the last few months, but my day-job literally drained my creative spirit and after finishing Entangled Hearts Volume II in January, I took a hiatus from writing. What helped get me out my writing funk? Two events in May… While June usually means vacation time for most [...]

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October Newsletter

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is cooler and you get to pull out your favorite sweater or boots. And what can be more fun than curling up with a good book? I have lots in store this season to keep you indoors. A CHANCE WITH YOU, my fifteenth and final Harlequin [...]

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August Newsletter

The summer has gone by fast thanks in part to my 2 week vacation to Greece in July. After a two year delay, I had the trip of a lifetime with my best friend traveling to the Greek Isles, Croatia and Turkey. Athens and Ephesus, Turkey was ancient, Dubrovnik was scenic, but Santorini in one [...]

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June 2013 Newsletter

Greetings Readers, Summer time is back with a vengeance in Orlando. Warm weather and humid temps await us Floridians the next few months. When it turns hot outdoors, I go inside and curl up with my computer. That’s how I finished my 13th release, Delicious Destiny which debuted on June 1st. Part of The Draysons, [...]

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March Newsletter

Greetings Readers, Winter is almost over and spring is nearly upon us. I took a writing break after finishing two books back-to-back in 2012 to have some fun in Hawaii, but now I’m back and focused on making 2013 a great year. With spring comes the re-release of 2nd book: Dare to Love which will [...]

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December Newsletter

Season’s Greetings Everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and getting ready for Christmas, Kwanza or whatever holiday you hold dear. I'm a little late myself this year due to my demanding day job, but I've been on a mission all weekend to make up for lost time. In my ‘spare’ time, I [...]

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August Newsletter

I hope everyone is staying cool during one of the hottest summers on record. I’ve been staying cool indoors and curled up with my laptop. I finished my 13th book: Delicious Destiny this month. The book is part of a 3-book continuity starting with AC Arthur’s Decadent Dreams in April 2013, followed by Delectable Desire [...]

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June Newsletter

Is spring really over? It seems like it went by so fast. I celebrated the release of my 10th book Lost Without You in Chicago with my family and friends on May 27th. To see photos go to my Facebook page If you happen to be the Orlando, my 2nd Milestone book party will [...]

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