It’s summer time again, the weather is hot and usually that means time vacation for me! Unfortunately, a recurring health issue has me on bed rest for the month of June and required me to postpone my two-week journey to Greece. Bummer!

The good news is my sabbatical has allowed me to finish editing my ninth book Need You Now to be released December 1, 2011. Please check out the hot new cover on the Bookshelf page.

Need You Now will focus on the Kayla Adams and Ethan Graham’s love story. As President of Adams Cosmetics, Kayla Adams is desperate to keep the family company afloat even if it means marrying into unholy alliance with corporate raider Ethan Graham. Can the headstrong partners find a way to merge in business and in love?

The idea for Need You Now came from my love of watching soap operas. One day, I turned the dial to Young and the Restless and the characters were fighting over the fictitious cosmetics company, Jabot Cosmetics. It made me think about creating a love story revolving around a cosmetics firm a strong African-American family and so and idea was born.

While I’ve been home recuperating, I have also begun writing my tenth romance Lost Without You. Lost Without You will be the second book in the Adams Family trilogy and tell the story of Vice President and chemist Shane Adams and rival perfumer Gabrielle Burton. The sexy playboy is stunned when the former plain Jane transforms herself into a swan. Shane finds himself unable to resist Gabby’s charms that’s until the formula for the new Adams Cosmetics fragrance is stolen.

Finally, I’m working on finalizing the details of my first e-book. Given the tremendous sales of Kindles, Nooks and I-pads, I feel compelled to stick my toe into the e-book waters. As a special thank you to fans, I am taking a poll to find out what characters from my previous romances that my readers would like to see spun off into their own love story. The character with the highest amount of votes will become an e-book.

Have a wonderful and safe summer vacation.


Yahrah St. John