Greetings Readers,

I know it’s been a couple of months since my last newsletter and you’ve been waiting with baited breath on what’s next in the world of Yahrah St. John, but wait – I have a NEWS ALERT!

If you’re not a fan of social media and not following me (which you absolutely should be) – Like me on Facebook: and Follow me on Twitter:, then you don’t know……….Wait for it………….I recently became ENGAGED to my longtime beau and love of my life Freddie. Needless to say, I’ve started wedding planning in earnest. As time goes on, I’ll share you with upcoming pictures, tidbits and tips of all the stages of wedding planning and images of our special day. Share with me in the fun all year-long.

Okay, back to YSJ business. My real life happiness caused my mind to be swept up in seeing cupid, hearts and rainbows. However, I always bounce back and focus on my first love: Writing.

Just a few days ago, I attended my beloved Romance Slam Jam (RSJ) in Detroit, MI the conference where I pitched my first book 13 years ago and would later sell that book: One Magic Moment. It was great catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. The best part was having a Coney Island chili dog while I laughed with my fellow authors Sylvia Hubbard and Nicki Night. Or maybe it was dancing the Electric slide with my readers on the dinner cruise? Or perhaps it was seeing fellow Kimani author Deborah Mello win the Emma Award for Author of the Year? The sisterhood, camaraderie and passion for writing that I receive is bar none at RSJ and can’t be compared. It was just the boost I needed to return and getting excited about finishing Unchained Hearts, the first book in the spinoff of my popular Hart series.

Beautifully big and bodacious London Hart had gone silent for a minute on me and I couldn’t hear her voice, but she’s returned now and is giving me a talking to for not finishing her book so you can read her story with retired Special Forces Chase Tanner. Well, that’s exactly why I’m at my computer now, only stopping for a commercial break to write this newsletter.

While my fingers get moving, you won’t have to wait much longer to purchase another YSJ book. CAPPUCINNO KISSES’ release date is next month! That’s right, you (the fans) wrote to the powers that be at Harlequin’s Kimani Romance that you wanted more Draysons, and it worked! Cappuccino Kisses is the long-awaited follow-up to my 2013 Draysons Sprinkled with Love series and will debut June 1st! If you want to know how the series ended, catch up on the last book Delicious Destiny: Otherwise, you’re in for a real treat. There’s a new trio of Draysons from Seattle: Mariah, Chase and Jackson Drayson. And guess what? They’re just as dynamic and sexy as the originals. I would know.


Fall in love with Mariah Drayson: The infertile divorcee who has put love on the shelf and instead put on her apron to get the Lillian’s of Seattle bakery off the ground, but when she meets dashing coffee importer Everett Myers and his adorable son EJ; Mariah begins re-evaluating her position on love and what makes a family. Don’t you want to know how her second chance at love with the millionaire hero and his cute kid goes? Pre-order now:

The series doesn’t end with Cappuccino Kisses, pick up Book 2: Love and a Latte on July 1st from Jamie Pope and read Chase’s opposites attract love story with tempestuous barista Amber Bernard. End the series with Pamela Yaye’s Mocha Pleasures with Jackson Drayson’s sexy romance with Grace Nicholas. Can these enemies turn into lovers?

On the event front, I’ll be working on a book release party for Cappuccino Kisses with another popular local author. Stay tuned for more details. I’ve also finalized attending Building Relationships Around Books (BRAB) Romantic Mysteries at the Prom event in Memphis, TN on October 9-11th

I’m going to keep this update brief as like with so many writers, I’m notorious with missing my self-inflicted deadlines. Life happens, you know? I can tell you, after I finish up Unchained Hearts, I’ll be starting writing my next Kimani series: Miami Moguls. Miami Seduction is due to my editor by August 1st. I always meet my contracted deadline wish I was as good with my own indie publishing. But don’t worry, your favorite author is fearless and will continue the quest to bring you the best in contemporary romance

Yours truly,

Yahrah St. John